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Factors which influence the intensity of the final design include heat, warmth which darkens the stain, and length of time the henna paste is left on the skin.Once the paste is applied it will dry and eventually crack.In the past few years, a new crop of artists has emerged in the U. bringing contemporary designs and techniques to the craft.But no matter how it evolves, one can never separate henna from its ancient traditions and the magic it continues to generate.Legend has it that Mohammed used henna to dye his beard and that the henna flower was the Prophet's favorite.As a result, henna occupies a unique place in the Moslem world.

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Most recipes contain some combination of sifted ground henna leaves, strong black tea, lemon juice and a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

From its origin in seventh-century Arabia, Islam has spread across northern and western Africa, southeastern Europe, the Levant, central and southern Asia, China and Indonesia.